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Below is a list of repertoire I have collected of my own for the quartet.  This list does need updating as I have subsequently purchased more music so please keep checking back.  We have another extensive list of nearly 100 pieces also available to play kindly lent to us from Roger Greenwood, the Musical Director of the Ionian Clarinet Choir.

Composer/Arranger Title Period Instrumentation
Bach, CPE Tyler, Lorraine Sonata in F minor 1st mvmt 1714 - 1788 Eb, Bb, Alto & Bass
Butler, Katie Motion Picture b1982 Eb, Bb, Alto & Bass
Butler, Katie Waters Meet b1982 4Bb's
Byrd, William Gordon, Philip English Dance Suite 1543 - 1623 3Bb's & Bass
Cafolla, Roma Eyes b1949  3Bb's & Bass
Carson Parks, C arr. by Schaars, Peter Kleine Somethin' Stupid 4Bb's
Chabrier, arr by Denwood, S Danse Villageoise 1841 - 1894 3Bb's & Bass
Cooke, Arnold Concertante Quartet 3Bb's & Bass
Corelli Lewin, Gordon Preludia & Giga from 7th Sonata  3Bb's & Bass
Deemer, Clay Tepee
Deemer, Clay Ten Little Indians 4Bb's or 3Bb's & Bass
Dillon, Robert Allegretto Festoso 4Bb's
Egan, Paul Standing Stones  3Bb's & Bass
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Blyton, Carey Fugue in G minor 1583 - 1643 4Bb's or 2Bb's Alto & Bass
Gautier, Leonard Susan Young Le Secret 4Bb's
Gerswhin, G Power, James Fascinating Rhythm 1898 - 1937 4Bb's or 3Bb's & Bass
Gerswhin, G Marshall, Art The Man I Love


1898 - 1937 3Bb's & Bass
Gerswhin, G Marshall, Art Oh, Lady Be Good 3Bb's & Bass
Grundman, Clare Bagatelle 1913 - 1996 4Bb's
Grundman, Clare Caprice for Clarinets 1913 - 1996- 4Bb's or 3Bb's & Bass
Harvey, Paul Fantasia 1935 - 4Bb's
Harvey, Paul Quartetto Quarantoli 3Bb's & Bass
Henry, Michael Birdwatching: Swallows Fleeting b1963 4Bb's
Henry, Michael Birdwatching: Sparrows Bickering 4Bb's
Jacob, Gordon Scherzetto, Pavanne & Gopak  1895 - 1984 4Bb's
Jessel, Leon Walton, Mike Parade of the Clarinet Soldiers 1871 - 1942 4Bb's
Keith, George D Interlude 1908 - 2002 4Bb's
Knighton, Merrill Quartet No. 1 4Bb's
Leonard, Beldon Canzonetta & Scherzo 3Bb's & Bass
Mozart  arr. by Rutland, Jonathan Andante & Minuet (Haffner) 1756 - 1791 3Bb's & Bass
Mozart arr. by Watson, Edward Divertimenti 4Bb's & Bass 
Mozart  arr. by Bale, Maurice Larghetto & Minuet for Clarinet Quintet Solo Clarinet & 4Bb's
Mozart  arr. by Bale, Maurice Overture to The Magic Flute 1756 - 1791 2Bb's, Alto & Bass
Mozart arr. by Hacker, Alan Three Ladies and an Orchestra 1756 - 1791 4Bb's
Taylor, Alan Conversation 3Bb's & Bass
Templeton, Alec Bach Goes to Town 1909 - 1963 4Bb's
Wakefield, Anthony Cassing Around  3Bb's & Bass
Walton, Mike Clarinet Nocturne 4Bb's or 3Bb's & Bass
Waterson, James Grand Quartett 1834 - 1893 4Bb's or 3Bb's & Bass
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