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Ernesto Cavallini (Milan, 1807 - 1874)

Clarinet Virtuoso and composer of some fantastic music!

I am slowly trying to build up a collection of all of Ernesto Cavallini's works.  This task is going to be a long, slow and difficult one - but I have a few.  A list below shows those I have and those I hope to obtain in the future - so if anyone out there knows how I can get them please let me know via the guest book.

Music I have:

30 Capricci                    Publ. by Ricordi

Adagio E Tarantella      Publ. by Ricordi

Adagio Sentimentale    Publ. by Southern Music Company

Carnovale                       Publ. by Emerson Edition

Douze Etudes                Publ. by Alphonse Leduc

La Calma (Romanza senza parole)    Publ. by Lazarus Edition


Three Grand Duets for two clarinets    Publ. by Breitkopf & Hartel

Music I am still trying to find:

Andante e variazioni sopra un tema di Mercadante

Canto Greco


Fiori Rossiniani - Capriccio su motivi Opere di Gioacchino Rossini

Lontano dalla patria - Romanza

Variazioni sopra un tema di Bellini nell'opera La straniera

Music I have ordered but am still waiting to arrive!

Divertimento On La Forza Del Destino

One day I hope to be able to play some of them well as well!


Ernesto Cavallini Virtuoso clarinet music     

    Sergio Bosi - clarinet & Riccardo Bartoli - piano.  CD by Bongiovanni

The Bel Canto Clarinettist

    Colin Bradbury - clarinet & Oliver Davies - piano.  CD by Clarinet Classics.  (

The Art of the Clarinettist

    Colin Bradbury - clarinet & Oliver Davies - piano.  CD by Clarinet Classics.

    This recording contains three pieces by Cavallini as well as some other absolutely fabulous music - highly recommended with two CD's.

All 'Opera avec Giuseppe Verdi

    Corrado Giuffredi - clarinet & Raffaele Cortesi - piano.  CD by Aura Music


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